where is his oscar

i’m screaming

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Tumblr: Keep that ouija shit off my dash

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15. October 2014 - Selena at Jimmy Kimmel Live

15. October 2014 - Selena at Jimmy Kimmel Live

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How to be a football fan:

  • insult the referee like is the last day of your life. this is essential
  • temporarily hate the ones your team are playing against with
  • get pissed the fuck off when one from your team misses a goal
  • insult your own team
  • breathe and say it’s not their fault
  • insult commentators when needed
  • if the match is over and your team won be happy
  • if the other team won tell them to go fuck themselves
  • repeat next time 
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When you home alone

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10 years with Barca - Lionel Messi.

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she is SIXTEEN

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