Title: Studio (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)
Artist: ScHoolboy Q
Played: 55239 times


ScHoolboy Q // Studio (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

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Title: 0 to 100
Artist: Drake
Played: 515865 times

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Title: Thirsty (Remix) [feat. Wale]
Played: 527 times


PARTYNEXTDOOR - Thirsty (Remix) [feat. Wale]

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Title: Sunburn
Artist: Ed Sheeran
Played: 66 times


She was mine
I was hers
And all that’s in between
If she would cry
I would shelter her
And keep her from the darkness that will be…

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Title: No Flex Zone Remix
Artist: Nicki Minaj
Played: 80983 times


No Flex Zone Remix x Nicki Minaj

"but if you’re ugly it’s a no text zone, it’s a no sex zone, it’s a no flex zone"

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Title: Bout It
Played: 105827 times



"bout it bout it body body your body is pure gold"

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Title: All I Do
Artist: Majid Jordan
Played: 39617 times


Majid Jordan - “All I Do”

"All I ever do is think of you, too much.

You’re mine.

You’re mine”

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Title: Do Ya Thang
Artist: Rihanna
Played: 91387 times


Do Ya Thang - Rhanna

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Title: Chandelier
Artist: Sia
Played: 4275 times


Sia - Chandelier

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Title: Bind Your love
Artist: Cher Lloyd
Played: 14893 times

when you call me I will always find you 

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Title: M.F.P.O.T.Y.
Artist: Cher Lloyd
Played: 19749 times


M.F.P.O.T.Y. by Cher Lloyd (Official Audio)


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Title: Human
Artist: Cher Lloyd
Played: 3651 times

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Title: how to give a blowjob
Played: 1349057 times


  1. start with a hand job
  2. firmly grasp his balls
  3. lick the tip
  4. slowly take it all in your mouth
  5. keep going
  6. keep taking him in your mouth
  7. until you’ve managed to get his entire body in your mouth
  8. swallow him whole and absorb his power 

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Title: I Wish
Artist: Cher Lloyd
Played: 1593 times

Cher Lloyd - I Wish (Acoustic Version)

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Title: Connect
Artist: Drake
Played: 383469 times

she just wanna run over my feelings

like she drinking and driving in an eighteen wheeler

and I’d allow her,

talk about pussy power.

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